Epoxy Phenolic Glass Laminated Rod

Epoxy Phenolic Glass Laminated Rod

3840 epoxy Phenolic glass laminated rod is a glass cloth impregnated with epoxy Phenolic resin, formed by hot pressing. high mechanical properties, dielectric properties and good machinability, suitable for electrical equipment as insulating structural parts, and can be used in wet conditions and transformer oil.

3841 epoxy laminated glass cloth rod is a glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin formed by hot pressing. High dielectric strength and mechanical strength under dry and wet conditions. Used as insulating structural parts for electrical equipment, also can be used in transformer oil under wet conditions.

Product length: 1000mm, Diameter 10~100mm

Epoxy phenolic glass laminated rod

No. Item Unit Model
3840 3841
1 Application standard  JB890-75 GB5133-85
2 Density g/cm 1.70~2.00 1.70~2.00
3 Bending strength  MPa 343  241.3
4 Tensile strength MPa 196
5 Parallel direction insulation resistance after soaking 1 x 10
6 Parallel direction  breakdown voltage(in the transformer oil on 90±2℃ )  KV 15 15
7 Temperature Index 155 155

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