Epoxy Phenolic Cotton Cloth Tube

Phenolic cotton fabric tube


1 .Description: 

Phenolic cotton fabric tube  Made from cotton cloth that impregnated with phenolic resin under pressure and heat. With high mechanical strength and electricaltproperties, . low noise machine. Thermal grade is class E.


1.Outer diameter: 10-300 mm
2.Wall thickness: 1-50 mm
3.Length: 1000mm, 980mm
4.Technical data sheet available

3.Color: brown

4. Application:  used for the insulating spare parts of the electrical appliances and transformers;  textile machines. gears. fixed frame for bearing.

Phenolic cotton fabric tube

Properties Unit Grade
Phenolic cotton fabric tube
Density g/cm3 1.04-1.20
Water absorption rate   % ≤4
Thermostability(24h) °C 130
Flexural strength MPa ≥80.0
Compressive strength             MPa ≥45.0
Shear strength MPa
Surface resistance Under normal condition W ≥1.0×108
In case of humidity ≥1.0×107
Volume resistivity Under normal condition W×m ≥1.0×107
In case of humidity ≥1.0×105
Dielectric strength perpendicular kV/mm ≥3.5 in 20°C
to laminations(withstand voltage) transformer oil
(in 90±2°C/5min transformer oil)  

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