Electrical Insulating Material – The Cracking of the Epoxy Plate

I’ve shared with you all about why epoxy panels crack and how to prevent them from cracking. But what should we do if the sheet is cracked? To this end, I interviewed professionals in the industry for an interview, and made the following summary, and then looked down with interest.

epoxy fr4 sheet

What about the cracking of the epoxy plate?

Method 1: coating the epoxy plate. Oil the top and bottom of the plate. After the oil is dry, then apply it and apply it three or four times. Because the oil has strong penetration and is not volatile, it can be used to moisten plates for a long time and prevent cracks from appearing again.

Method two: glue the epoxy plate with glue. For cracks that are not very serious, we can glue them or bind them with reinforcing agents.

Method three: change the epoxy plate directly. In order to ensure the safe operation of the equipment and the safety of people’s lives and property, I suggest that the epoxy board with serious cracks be replaced.

Additional explanation: the epoxy plate after repair has great influence on appearance and performance. I suggest that we should pay attention to regular testing in the latter period, pay attention to the details of the use, to prevent the plate from being damaged again.

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