Electrical Insulating Material – Is epoxy board a composite material

Is epoxy board a composite material
Epoxy plate is a common electrical insulation material. It is widely used and can be made into transformer fittings, switchgear insulation parts and semiconductor insulation parts. It has many models. FR4 and 3240 are the two most popular colors. They are yellow, water green and black. They can be chosen according to actual needs.
Does epoxy board belong to the composite material? Here’s the composite insulating material

Definition of composite insulating material
It refers to the new material that is composed of two or more than two kinds of materials. One material is used as matrix and the other is used as reinforcing material. Epoxy board is indeed a composite material, its matrix material is glass fiber, and the reinforced material is epoxy resin. After pre impregnating the glass fiber, it will be laminated on the specified thickness and then pressed and solidified. Single glass fibers, though of great strength, bend easily, and have good ductility when mixed with resin.

Of course, some additives are added when the epoxy plate is made. For example, adding the curing agent can accelerate the curing rate of the resin. Adding stabilizer can ensure that the epoxy resin will not be decomposed in the process of processing, assembly and use by high temperature. The flame retardant can make the material extinguish and increase the safety.

The epoxy plate, as a composite material, has the advantages of high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, insulation and so on. It can also work normally in bad environment.

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