Epoxy board – Good material for transformer oil insulation

Good material for epoxy board transformer oil insulation

Friends who are familiar with the transformer will have some understanding of the transformer oil. One of the functions is insulation. The insulating material epoxy board is immersed in the oil, which not only improves the insulation strength, but also protects against moisture. Today, I mainly talk to you about the epoxy board. Why is it a good material for transformer oil insulation? Interested, then look down.

First let’s see what is the epoxy board?

It is a kind of polymer compound synthesized by people. There are two main processing materials, namely epoxy resin and electric glass cloth. This material has good heat resistance, insulation, high mechanical strength, good toughness, etc. Today, there are few materials comparable in the performance of the insulation material industry.

Next, let’s take a closer look at what role transformer oil plays in real equipment.

(1) Heat dissipation. The heat generated during the operation of the transformer causes the oil close to the core and the winding to rise and expand. Through the convection of the oil, the heat is dissipated through the radiator. Ensure that the transformer is operating normally.
(2) Insulation. The transformer oil acts as an arc-extinguishing at the high-voltage lead and the tap-changer contact point to prevent corona and arc discharge.

Understand the material properties of epoxy panels and the role of transformer oil. Let’s take a closer look at why the epoxy board is a good material for transformer oil.

(1) Comply with the performance characteristics of the transformer. The role of transformer oil in the entire transformer is characterized by heat dissipation and arc prevention. The epoxy board has excellent heat resistance and insulation properties. Its high temperature resistance is up to 155 degrees, and the breakdown voltage is as high as 40kv. This performance feature is fully suitable for high-end electrical equipment.
(2) In line with people’s aesthetic concept. Today’s high-end equipment is a trend. Naturally, the performance characteristics of the board are also very high. The epoxy board has a flat appearance, no bubble generation, no cracks and other performance characteristics, which meets the needs of people in modern society.
(3) High mechanical strength. Transformers are generally exposed to the air and are inevitably exposed to the environment. Greatly delay the service life of the board.

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