Insulation material: polyester enamelled round copper wire

Our company is a professional manufacturer of insulating materials and transformers. Therefore, most insulating materials can be used for motors, transformers and telecommunication equipment.
The following is a brief introduction of the enameled wire——polyester enamelled round copper wire, which is one of the insulating materials produced by our company.

1. Product features:
High breakdown voltage characteristics
Excellent solvent resistance, radiation resistance
Good resistance to cold and high temperature resistance
2. The main application:
It is suitable for various motors such as motors, fan motors and vacuum motors. For electrical appliances, telecommunications equipment and radio electronic equipment, it can be used in various harsh environments or high temperature requirements and can also be used under special conditions, such as nuclear reactors and space flight.

This is our company’s enameled wire——polyester enamelled round copper wire, if you are interested in this insulating material. Please remember to contact me.


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