Electrical laminated wood sheet

This product is mainly used for producing transformers; it is also the insulation material and support material in mutual inductor. Besides, it can be made for winding clamping plate, iron core plate, trapezoidal plate and clamping device. And it has many advantages, such as proper specific weight, high mechanical strength, good compatibility with transformer oil and easy machining. In addition, its dielectric constant is close to that of transformer oil and the insulation coordination between them is proper. It can be used in transformer oil with 105℃ for a long time.

Electrical laminated wood sheet is widely used in manufacturing some devices for oil-filled transformer, such as upper and lower pressure plate, lead bracket and iron yoke cushion block. And it is used to make clamping device in mutual inductor. It can replace steel plate, insulation paper board, epoxy paper board and epoxy fiberglass board, which can lower the weight of the transformer and the cost of materials.


Technical index of the electrical laminated wood sheet:

Item Unit Index
Physical Property Density t/m3 0.9~1.1
Rate of water content   ≤ 7
Thickness shrinkage ratio after drying % ≤ 1.5
Oil absorption rate   > 10
Ultimate thickness expansion rate after oil impregnation   ≤ 0.5
Compatibility with transformer oil   Good
Mechanical Property Tensile strength (Parallel direction)   ≥ 50
Compressive strength (Vertical direction) MPa ≥ 50
(Vertical direction) ≥ 120
Bending strength (Parallel direction)   ≥ 100
  (Vertical direction)   ≥ 100
Modulus of elasticity (Parallel direction)   ≥ 7000
Electrical Property Volume resistivity MΩ/m ≥ 10a
Electrical strength (50Hz) 20℃ Transformer (Vertical) MV/ m ≥ 9
90℃ Transformer (Vertical) ≥ 7
20℃ Transformer (Parallel) KV/m ≥ 45
90℃ Transformer (Parallel) ≥ 35
Dielectric loss factor (tg δ) (50Hz) 20℃ Transformer Oil   ≤ 0.02
90℃ Transformer Oil ≤ 0.13
Relative dielectric constant (∑ n) 20℃ Transformer Oil   ≤ 3
90℃ Transformer Oil ≤ 3.6

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