pmp condenser paper

Electrician commonly used insulating materials

pmp condenser paper

First, the main performance of insulating materials

The main function of the insulating material is to isolate the current between the conductors or conductors at different potentials and ground so that the current flows only along the conductors.

Second, the type of insulation material

1. Inorganic insulating materials, such as mica, asbestos, ceramics, etc., are mainly used as winding insulation and switch plates, skeletons and insulators of motors and electrical appliances.

2. Organic insulating materials, such as resin, rubber, silk cotton, paper, and hemp, are mainly used in the manufacture of electronic components and in the manufacture of load insulation materials.

3, composite insulation material, is the above two kinds of insulation material processed into a variety of molding insulation material, mainly used as electrical base, bracket, shell and so on.

Third, the insulation material model

The products of insulating materials are classified and modeled according to the unified naming principles stipulated in JB2177-77.

This standard applies to the classification, naming, and unified preparation of product models for electrical insulation materials. Electrical insulation materials are classified into four categories: large categories, subcategories, varieties and specifications.

Fourth, other

1. The numbers of large and small electrical insulation materials are taken from 0 to 9 with 10 numbers, and the number of vacancies is used for the increase of future product types and the appearance of new materials.

2. The basic unit of electrical insulation materials is varieties, and the main composition and basic process of the same variety of products are the same.

3, electrical insulation materials products can be divided according to the size (thickness, diameter, length, width, etc.) in the specifications within the specifications.

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