electrical laminated wood

Electronic Laminated Sheet features:

Electric laminated wood is mainly used to make oil-immersed transformers; it is also an insulating material and support material in transformers. In addition, it can also be used to wind splints, core plates, trapezoidal plates and clamping devices. It can replace steel plate, insulating board, epoxy board and epoxy glass fiber board, etc.

The advantages of electrical laminates include moderate weight, high mechanical strength, good compatibility with transformer oils, and ease of processing. In addition, its dielectric constant is close to the dielectric constant of the transformer oil, and the insulation coordination between them is appropriate. Long-term use in 105 °C transformer oil.

Electrical Laminated Sheet Application:
As part of oil-filled transformer, such as upper and lower pressure plate.
Lead bracket and iron yoke cushion block.
Clamping device in mutual inductor.

laminate wood sheets

Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ZE ELEC
Model Number:DLW201
Type:Insulation wood
Application:High Voltage, Oil-immersed transformer, mutual inductor
Rated Voltage:35KV
Tensile Strength:80Mpa
Raw material:Birch
Heat resistance class:B
Tensile strength:≥ 50Mpa
Volume resistivity:≥ 10aMΩ/m
Standard:GB/T20634, IEC61061
Product name:Electrical laminated wood

laminated wood board

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