Electrical insulator materials

Do electrical insulator materials have an effect on the use of the motor?

For electrical equipment, insulation is essential, it can effectively isolate the current damage to the human body. With the development of industry, people’s requirements for electrical products are getting higher and higher. If the electrical insulation material has poor heat resistance and low voltage breakdown strength, it will affect the service life of the whole equipment.

Today’s market is not perfect, and the quality of many manufacturers does not meet the requirements, which leads to the incompatibility of unqualified insulation products into the market, affecting the use of electrical equipment. In the production process of materials, raw materials, processes and storage conditions are very important factors. In order to ensure the quality, it is best to have a quality test after the finished product is out.

electrical inslator materials

Epoxy board is a commonly used electrical insulating material with various models, such as FR-4, G10, G11. FR-4 epoxy board, high temperature resistance 120 ° C, strength, corrosion resistance and other aspects are very good, low water absorption, low coefficient of thermal expansion. It also has a flame retardant function, which can be extinguished by itself after burning, and meets the UL94V-0 standard. The performance of the G10 epoxy board is similar to that of the FR-4, except that it is a halogen-free material that is safe and healthy. G11 is the best resistance to high temperature in epoxy boards and can reach 180 °C.

In order to meet the high requirements of electrical products, electrical insulator materials are the key, we must choose materials that meet the requirements and quality. Epoxy board is very popular in this industry because of its own advantages. ZTELEC Group specializes in the production and processing of epoxy board. We have the most advanced equipment and instruments, short delivery time and small dimensional tolerance, winning the unanimous praise of new and old customers. The business scope is not only domestic, but also has many customers abroad.

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