Electrical Insulator Material-Cautions for the processing of 3240 Epoxy Sheet

Cautions for the processing of 3240 epoxy sheet

In the electrical and electrical industry, epoxy board is widely used and varied in form. The main reason is that the epoxy board is easy to cure and easy to process into various shapes. The most common are G10 fiberglass sheet, G11 insulation board, FR4 sheet and 3240 epoxy sheet.

Characteristics and application of 3240 epoxy sheet

3240 epoxy sheet has high mechanical and electrical properties. It is suitable for electrical and electrical equipment as parts of insulation structure. It can be used in wet environment and transformer. The dry state wet electric performance is good and the flame retardant grade can reach UL94-V0.

What should we pay attention to when we process epoxy boards?

When the epoxy sheet is processed, whether it is drilling or cutting, it is necessary to use a professional machine and ordinary machine to complete these steps, but it is likely to lead to the uneven edge, so it takes a lot of time to deal with it, and the professional machine can be used to complete the task accurately and quickly according to the instructions of the computer. Operators only need to press the start button to complete one operation, and do not make repeated adjustments.

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