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Electrical insulation material needs protection

Electrical insulation material——insulating pipe and insulation paper will be affected by various external forces during use. For example, insulating paper used in high-voltage large-capacity generators can withstand high mechanical stress due to high-speed rotation, starting and stopping, and sudden short circuit. Therefore, higher requirements are required. Mechanical properties, including tensile strength and elongation at break. Thermal stability is an important indicator of insulating paper, and it is a major factor in the generation of low-voltage insulation aging, which determines its service life. Under normal operating conditions, the electric field strength has only a slight effect on the insulation aging process. Insulating paper used for a long time in a relatively high temperature environment will be brittle due to thermal aging, gradually losing its mechanical and electrical properties.

The possibility of corrosion of insulating tubing refers to the expected corrosion rate or the expected degree of corrosive effect in the planned service life. It is impossible to accurately predict the corrosion rate because one cannot fully understand the parameters of the system and the randomness of local corrosion is uncertain. These arrows indicate the current density at which the anode and cathode react at a particular instant. It must be assumed that the two very narrowly spaced arrows are interchanged regularly so that they have the same time at the two cracks. As a result, corrosion erosion continuously occurs along this surface. It is made of high-quality epoxy resin tube with excellent insulation and mechanical strength, light weight, and moisture-proof treatment. It has the advantages of light weight, high mechanical strength of insulation rod, and easy carrying. Handle: The use of silicone rubber sheath and silicone rubber umbrella skirt bonding, excellent insulation performance, safe and reliable.

Work head: Built-in structure is more solid, safe and reliable. Extension connection is convenient, selectivity is strong, connection forms are various and can be flexibly combined. Insulation materials are widely used in electrical appliances, electronic information, automotive and aerospace, etc., and the development of insulating materials such as insulating paints, insulating papers, insulating tubes, and insulating plates is also very considerable. In recent years, the innovative application of insulating materials has gradually become one of the key drivers for the implementation of sustainable energy solutions in China.

Requires the development of high-voltage, heat-resistant insulation, impact resistance, environmental protection insulation, composite insulation, corrosion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, cryogenic, radiation and flame retardant materials, research and development of environmental protection and energy-saving materials, F, H for small and medium-sized motors Grade insulation series, such as unsaturated polyester resin glass mats, etc.; sulfur hexafluoride gaseous medium for high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment; new non-toxic synthetic medium replacing chlorinated biphenyl; high performance insulating oil; composite paper composite insulation Flame-retardant rubber and plastic materials and surface protection materials, etc. At the same time, we must actively promote the replacement of traditional electrical equipment insulation materials.

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