Electrical Insulation Material-Epoxy Board Processing Parts In Railway

Application of epoxy board processing parts in Railway

There are many kinds of electrical insulation materials, such as G10 fiberglass board, 3240 epoxy sheet, FR4 fiberglass board, G11 materials, etc.

epoxy board

Advantage of epoxy board

Epoxy board has many advantages, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, strong machinability, low water absorption, good insulation and electrical properties. So the application of epoxy plate is very wide. Even a lot of insulation materials are used on our transportation (subway, high-speed rail, etc.).

Epoxy boards can be used on railways, not because of the low threshold used on railways. On the contrary, it is precisely because epoxy panels can overcome harsh environmental conditions in railway construction. This is enough to show that the advantages of the epoxy plate are remarkable.

The epoxy plate railway processing parts have good resistance to arc, good machinability and flame retardancy. They can be used at 150 C and have strong chemical properties. In case the temperature is too high to leave the fire source, its flame retardancy makes it extinguish itself, the epoxy plate machined piece is wear-resistant, and the service life is longer, which can greatly reduce the cost of replacing parts.

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