Electrical Insulation Material – How Is Bakelite Sheet

Electrical insulation material – electric wood plate, also known as bakelite sheet.

What is a bakelite sheet?

The making process of the glue wood board is the hot pressing of phenolic resin and paper and cloth at high temperature. Its weight is very light, only half of the aluminum, the process is simple, the price is not expensive and the chemical property is strong, it is deeply loved by people.

In addition, it has good insulation, high mechanical strength and machinability. It can be used in many industries. It can be used in isolation and insulation. It can replace electrical insulation paper. It is often used in electrical appliances, switch, phone shell, instrument shell and so on as insulating material.

How is the insulation of the bakelite sheet?

Electric board has good insulation performance, and also has high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, good electrical performance, good thermal performance and so on.

The surface of the electric wood board is hard and not soft in water. The color is coffee, orange, orange, black, the color is varied, the production process is simple, the process and material phenomenon, the surface may have certain warp and thickness tolerance, as long as it is in a certain range.

In the early years, the electric wood products have been popular for a long time and are now widely used in various industries, such as drills, grinding plates, distribution plates, copper seats, transformers, PCB and so on.

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