Electrical insulation crepe paper

Electrical insulation crepe paper

1.Crepe Paper Description
Electrical insulation crepe paper is a kind of insulation material base on insulation paper, the best product for oil type transformer.The crevice insulating paper for imported electrical engineering is made from the dry flat web base paper by wrinkling process.

2.Crepe Paper Feature:
It has the characteristics of softness, easy breaking, high elongation and good oil absorption. It has excellent electrical properties and influences the quality of life-span of transformer directly, the base liquid for kraft paper is dissolved in pure liquids to manufacture crepe kraft paper.

crepe paper

3.Crepe Paper Application:
Widely used in transformer, reactor and transformer binding insulation, turn-to-turn insulation, transposed conductor insulation and interlayer winding end insulation.

4.Crepe Paper Specifications
Materil: 100% superior sulfate insulation wood pulp.
Thickness: 0.06mm 0.08mm 0.13mm 0.17mm
Width: 25mm-960mm color: Natural
Insulation class: A (105 °C)

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