Electrical Insulating Paint

When it comes to electrical insulation material,ZTELEC is your preferred choice.
1.1032:Mainly comprised By modified melamine resin. Mainly used for impregnating the motor, electrical coils, to fill the gaps and micropores, the cured surface of the impregnated material to form a continuous flat film. 1032 is easy to dry, with high oil resistance and dielectric properties.
2.1033:Environmental friendly melamine alkyd impregnating varnish :It consists of modified epoxy resin, modified melamine resin and fast drying agent. It is characterized by high dielectric properties, smooth paint film, low odor and fast curing. Temperature tolerance grade B. Used for impregnating insulation of motor and transformer winding.
3.133A/B:Normal temperature iron core cover paint , it is with excellent insulation property ,good gloss surface and excellent process performance. Always as a optimized paint for dry type transformer iron core.

Electrical Insulating Paint Images

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