Electrical Insulating Materials – Polymer Dielectric

Electrical insulating materials – polymer dielectric, also known as polymer insulation materials. It is mainly used to isolate the conductor with a point, so that the current can flow in a certain direction. Compared with other insulating materials, the insulation properties of polymer insulation materials are not only widely distributed, but also have good insulation performance. They also showed relative advantages in variety and processing.

Therefore, polymer insulation materials are widely used. In the 80s of last century, consumption in many countries accounted for over 5% to 15% of the total amount of polymer materials.

electrical insulating materials

Application of electrical insulation materials:

Electrical insulation materials are mainly used for motor, transformer and all kinds of electrical equipment, such as the insulation of the armature slot wedges, stator windings and rotor windings in the generator and motor.

Types of electrical insulating materials:

Electrical insulation materials are classified according to their shapes. There are six main types.
1. liquid insulation. The major categories are insulating materials, such as insulating varnish, resin solution and adhesive.

2. impregnated fiber insulation. For example, insulating cloth, tape and other products obtained by impregnating all kinds of cotton, silk, synthetic fiber and glass fiber or fabric with resin.

3. laminated insulation. All kinds of laminated products such as electric laminated wood, phenolic cotton cloth, epoxy board, etc. after impregnating resin with various organic or inorganic substrates.

4. plastic products. All kinds of organic or inorganic fillers are made from resin, such as TV casing, instrument, instrument shell, electrical switch connector housing, etc.

5. composite insulation materials. Such as electrical insulation film, synthetic paper and its composite products. The common electrical insulating films are polystyrene, polypropylene, polyester, polycarbonate, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyimide, polyimide, polyimide, various synthetic fiber insulation paper, various insulating tape, etc.

6. rubber products. For example, all kinds of wire and cable insulation and sheath, heat shrinkable tubes, silicone rubber insulated terminals.

The development trend of electrical insulating materials-polymeric insulating materials, is to enhance its heat resistance, water resistance, radiation resistance and other special properties.

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