Electrical Insulating Material-What Are The Advantages Of The Electric Wood

What are the advantages of the electric wood products

Phenolic plastics, also known as bakelite sheet, are the oldest varieties of thermosetting plastics. The wood material has been produced since 1909. For many years, its production has been increasing, its application is expanding, and its excellent performance, rich source of raw materials, simple processing and low price can not be separated.

The following are the electric wood products.

What is a wood product?
The main raw materials used for making bakelite products are phenol and formaldehyde. They are polycondensation reaction with alkali or acid as catalyst, and then made into thermosetting phenolic resin and then mixed with appropriate filler, accelerant, colorant and lubricant to make molding powder under the condition of heating and pressure. Once pressed, the chemical structure of a long chain becomes a network chemical structure, which is not reformed after reheating.

The advantages of the electric wood products
So bakelite products generally have good heat and cold resistance, high surface hardness, withstand the friction. The insulation of bakelite is also good. It is difficult to heat transfer and conduct electricity. It is often used to make insulating materials. Its corrosion resistance is also good, it is not easy to deteriorate and deteriorate, it has strong resistance to the corrosion of various solvents and oils. Telephone shell, bottle cap, hair dryer and electric knife handle can be made of bakelite.

Of course, everything is not perfect. There are advantages and disadvantages. Phenolic cardboard has a relatively deep color and low toughness and high water absorbency. In use, it is necessary to prevent collisions and dampness.

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