Electrical Insulating Material – Type of glass fiber industrial fabric

Type of glass fiber industrial fabric

Fabric is defined as a collection of fibers, yarns or fibers and yarns. According to different weaving methods and processing methods, there are many types of fabrics. Like other fabrics, there are several types of fiberglass industrial fabrics. Glass fiber fabric is also a kind of electrical insulating material

electrical insulating material

Next, Zhongtian electrical equipment group introduces the types of glass fiber industrial fabrics.

For different weaving methods, fiberglass is basically suitable for all weaving methods. According to the weaving method, the glass fiber fabric can be divided into:
1, woven fabric: woven by longitudinal yarns (Warp) and transverse yarn system (weft), and fabric moves along the warp direction on the machine.

2, knitted fabric: interwoven by several yarns. The yarn path is oblique to the output direction of the fabric, forming a plane, tubular or three-dimensional structure.

3. Knitwear: a series of yarn systems are set up to form a continuous longitudinal or horizontal coil structure. The fabric is exported from the machine along the longitudinal direction. There are two basic types of weft knitted fabric and warp knitted fabric.

4, stitched fabric: a variant of knitted fabric. It uses knitting needles to thread the stitch through the laid yarn layer to form a coil to make the yarn layer secure. The flexion stress is not borne because the fiber is flat. So the knitted fabric is called “non – flexed fabric”.

5. Nonwovens: cloth shakes made of traditional methods other than weaving, knitting and knitting. They still belong to the definition of fabrics.

6, composite fabric: fabric composition consisting of several fabric components. If one of the ingredients is in line with the definition of nonwovens. The composite fabric is usually considered to be a nonwoven fabric.

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