Electrical Insulating Material-Toughening Measures for Epoxy Plate

Toughening measures for epoxy plate

In the application process of epoxy resin, the following conditions are often encountered: EP casting, sealing, molding and other parts will produce cracks after curing or storage, resulting in waste. So we must improve the toughness of epoxy board by enhancing its toughness.

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The following are various ways to improve the toughness of epoxy plate.

1. Toughening of thermoplastic resin
The use of thermoplastic resin modified epoxy board can play a good role in improving toughness, and does not affect the modulus and heat resistance of epoxy cured products.

2. IPN toughening method
The rubber phase composition of IPN is too large, and the tensile strength, shear strength and flexural strength decrease rapidly, and the toughening effect is also poor.

3. toughening method of thermotropic liquid crystal polymer
When the thermotropic liquid crystal polymer was modified with the epoxy resin, the flexural modulus remained constant while the toughness was improved, and the increased slightly, and the solidified material was two phase structure. LCP is dispersed in the epoxy matrix in the form of fibril, which enhances the toughness of the material under stress.

4. rigid polymer toughening method
In situ toughening is through the two stage reaction, resulting in the formation of a thermosetting resin crosslinking network with the distribution of molecular weight in Shuangfeng after cross linking. The toughness of the resin can be 2 to 10 times the toughness of the conventional resin.

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5. polymer toughening of nuclear shell structure
The internal and external enrichment of different components, showing a special double layer or multilayer structure, the core and the shell have different functions. By controlling the size of the particles and changing the CSLP composition, the modified epoxy resin can achieve significant toughening effect.

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