Electrical Insulating Material-The Milky White Epoxy Board

What is a milky white epoxy board?

Electrically insulating material — the milky white epoxy plate is one of epoxy panels. The creamy white epoxy board is an alkali free glass fiber cloth impregnated epoxy phenolic resin, and then adding some additives (such as flame retardant , adhesive ,etc.), and finally baked and hot pressed.

The advantages of the creamy white epoxy board:

1. the biggest characteristic of the milky white epoxy plate is light. It is lighter than any epoxy sheet.
2. it has high flame retardancy and excellent heat resistance, and its flame retardant rating can reach UL94-V0.
3. good mechanical properties and good heat resistance.
4. the milky white epoxy plate has good moisture resistance, good flatness, smooth surface and no pits.

This lightweight epoxy board is now suitable for high-end electronic and electrical products. Now it is the best choice for all brands of mobile phones and tablet PCs.

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