Electrical Insulating Material – The Epoxy Plate In The Transformer

The epoxy plate has an important stability in the transformer

Epoxy board is a common insulating material, mainly used in electronic products to play the role of isolation and support. It has many advantages, including high temperature resistance, high strength, high toughness and so on. The halogen free epoxy plate is healthy and environmental friendly, and it will not cause pollution or health.

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This article tells you about the application characteristics of epoxy board.

Epoxy plate is becoming more and more important for transformer stability. With the rapid development of science and technology, the application of electrical equipment such as motors and transformers is more and more extensive. The reliability and service life of transformer depend to a large extent on the epoxy board used. Epoxy panels are becoming more and more important to transformer designers and manufacturers.

Epoxy plates, also known as dielectrics, are high resistance and low conductivity materials. The epoxy board can be used to isolate conductors with electrified or different potentials, so that the current flows in a certain direction. In transformer products, epoxy panels also play the role of heat dissipation, cooling, supporting, fixing, arc extinguishing, improving potential gradient, moisture-proof, mildew proof and protective conductor.

epoxy plate

The heat resistance grade of epoxy plate of transformer is the maximum temperature allowed by the ring oxygen plate in transformer operation. If the epoxy plate is correctly used, the life of the material can be guaranteed for 20 years. Otherwise, it will be based on the law of 8 degrees (8 degree law), which means that the insulation temperature of class A is increased by 8 degrees, the service life is reduced by half, the B grade insulation is 10 degrees, and the H grade insulation is 12 degrees. This rule is known as the rule of thermal aging at 8 degrees, which reduces its service life. The heat resistance of epoxy board made of polymer is generally lower than that of non electro mechanical medium. The epoxy plate with the structure of aromatic rings, heterocyclic rings, silicon, titanium, fluorine and other isotactic structures is relatively high in heat resistance.

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