Electrical Insulating Material – Silicone Rubber Glass Fiber

2751 silicone rubber glass fiber casing (referred to as silicone rubber hose, F-SRB)

silicone rubber glass fiber

Product description:

Material composition: the inner layer is made of high temperature glass fiber yarn, the outer layer is extruded silicone rubber coating, and is formed after high temperature treatment.
High temperature resistance: 180 degrees centigrade
Working temperature: -60 C ~ +200 C
Flame Retardant level: UL VW-1
Voltage level: 4000V 7000V 10000V
Volume resistance: 10 “Cm
Self extinguishing time: 10 seconds

Product Use:
Widely used in household appliances, electronic and electrical appliances, lighting, heating products, electronic transformer insulation.

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