Electrical Insulating Material – How the Epoxy Plate is Cured

How the epoxy plate is cured

The electrical insulating material – epoxy plate is made of the reinforced material and epoxy resin at high temperature. The main steps are heating, pressing, curing, cooling, stripping, etc. For epoxy laminate process, see “epoxy laminate process” this article. This article is to say, it is the strengthening technology of epoxy plate.

Preheating stage: the epoxy plate is placed in the hot press, and the hot press is hot for 30 minutes at the temperature of about 120 degrees C, so that the epoxy resin and the reinforced material are fully integrated, and the volatiles are also spilled. This step is very critical. If the time is too short, the temperature is not enough to produce bubbles. If the temperature is too high, the time will be too long.

Hot pressing stage: in this stage, temperature, time, pressure will have a direct impact on the final product, depending on the material, these factors are also constantly changing. For example, if the epoxy phenolic resin pressing cloth is set at 170 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the epoxy silicone glass cloth is set at about 200 degrees Celsius. If the board is thinner, but reduce the hot pressing temperature.

Cooling demoulding: after the compaction is finished, the epoxy plate is cooled in cold water, and the time is between half an hour and one hour. During the period, we should pay attention to the change of internal stress. Excessive thermal expansion and cold shrinkage will cause the laminate to warp and deform.

Post-processing: this step is to make the epoxy board better, for example, to heat the produced plates in the oven and eliminate the residual stress.

The curing process of epoxy board is mainly in the above stages. After reading this article, I believe you must know something about it. Where can I buy cheap, good quality epoxy boards? Zhongtian electrical equipment group, specializing in the production of FR-4, 3240, G11 and other specifications of epoxy panels, welcome to order.

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