Electrical Insulating Material – High Temperature Resistant G11 Insulation Board

High temperature resistant G11 insulation board

G11 is a type of insulation board, mainly composed of modified glass fabric and excellent performance epoxy resin. Its high temperature resistance is very good, it can reach 180 degrees Celsius, while the ordinary epoxy resin plate has high temperature resistance of about 150 degrees.
Let’s give you a detailed description of the G11 insulation board.

G11 insulation board performance:
It has high dielectric strength, high tensile strength, anti creep resistance, radiation resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, low moisture absorption, low dissipation factor, high impact strength and high temperature and low temperature maintainability. The specific parameters are tensile strength 300Mpa, breakdown voltage 80kV, dielectric constant 4.5, bending strength 540N/mm^2, water absorbency less than 0.11, dielectric loss tangent 0.019. Even after immersion in the water, the insulation resistance is 5 x 10^4M ohm.

G11 insulation board application:
G11 insulation board is widely used. It can make electrical equipment, medical diagnosis apparatus, test fixture, wiring board, test board, circuit board support, antenna insulation, spaceship insulation equipment and so on. Because of its good performance, it can be used in a variety of environments. It works long hours without damage and has a long service life.

The size and thickness of G11 insulation board produced by Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group are based on customers’ requirements. In addition to the production of plate, our other electrical insulation materials are also very good, the introduction of a series of the most advanced machinery, almost no error, high efficiency, fast delivery. Guess what you like: G11 insulation board.

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