Electrical Insulating Material-FR4 epoxy glass sheet

Electrical Insulating Materials – Epoxy materials are often used as insulating products . Not only its price concessions, but also its wide application.

fr4 epoxy glass sheet

The concept of epoxy plate:

FR4 epoxy plate is synthesized by glass fiber material and high heat resistance composite. FR4 is a type of combustible material grade. It has the best performance in epoxy plate. The epoxy plate can withstand high temperature up to 180 degrees, and the epoxy plate has 3240, FR4, G10, G11 and so on.

Attention to the processing of epoxy plate:

1. when processing epoxy board, first injection mold, when injection mold should pay attention to high temperature material and low temperature film.
2. if insulation is required under the same machine operation, the insulation board can be used to meet this requirement.
3. in the production process to ensure the stability of quality, prevent machine overheating, no electrical failure, no leakage of hydraulic system and so on.

The epoxy glass sheet is widely used in the insulation material, and it plays the performance of flame retardant and insulation in electronic appliances. If it is used in electronic appliances, it will affect the operation of the whole equipment.

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