Electrical Insulating Material-Epoxy Fiberglass Tube

Electrical insulation material – epoxy fiberglass tube , its base is glass fiber heating and curing resin, filler is made of high quality silica sand, using winding process made of pinch tube.

epoxy fiberglass tube

Epoxy fiberglass tube has the advantages of light weight, high strength, anti wear resistance, heat resistance and good antifreeze. It has been widely used in water supply engineering because of its rapid processing construction, low cost and good water transport performance. It is a pressure tube.

Glass fiber tube has strong dielectric properties, high heat resistance, good self extinguishing, smooth surface and no burr. Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete prefabricated tube, the glass fiber has excellent mechanical and physical properties, and the quality is light. The installation and maintenance of the glass fiber is convenient, the curing effect is good, and the performance is high. It plays an important part in the culvert.

Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group, specializing in the production of glass fiber tube, epoxy pipe, winding pipe, bakelite sheet and other strange insulation materials, the company began to build factory insulation materials from 1958, our company’s technology is no doubt, products are strictly inspected after packaging, if you have all aspects of insulation materials processing Demand, can contact us directly.

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