Electrical Insulating Material – Epoxy Board Insulated Washer

Epoxy plate insulated washer

As we all know, the epoxy plate can be used as an insulating component in the sub motor equipment. It is dipped in an electronic grade fiberglass cloth by hot pressing with non halogen epoxy resin. It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and machined parts, low water absorption, and not easy to deform, so it has been widely used in high voltage switching products.

In high voltage switch products, there are many different structures and different sizes of insulation washer. So far, the materials used for this kind of washer are 3240 epoxy phenolic glass cloth , which are used to make insulating washer.

The advantages of the 3240 plate cutting insulation pad are improved.

1. improve the utilization of materials and reduce the cost of parts.

2. the molding process of the insulating washer is simple and without insulation treatment. This material has the characteristics of outstanding electrical insulation and high mechanical strength and excellent moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and arc resistance, flame retardancy and simple forming process.

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