Electrical Insulating Material-Electric Wood Board For Electrical Parts

Electrical insulation material – bakelite sheet, is a composite insulation material. It is mainly made up of phenolic resin and cotton paper, and then pressed and solidified at high temperature.

The term electric bakelite is no longer unfamiliar. Previously, the use of bakelite processing parts was introduced. Conventional dimensions of bakelite board: thickness x width x length: 3-50mmx1000mmx2000mm, color: orange, black, yellow, brown.

The bakelite sheet has the advantages of good mechanical strength, anti-static, intermediate electrical insulation, etc. The performance of the electric board is also very good, the specific gravity is 1.45, the warpage is low, the mechanical processing is good, the electrical performance is good, and the operating temperature range is -40 – Between 100 ° C. The electrical properties of the electric board are good, and can be processed into a pad, a distribution box, a fixture board, a mold splint, a high and low voltage wiring box, a packaging machine, a comb, etc., and are applied and processed into electrical and electronic parts for motors and machinery. Molds, countertop polishing pads, etc.

This kind of paper laminate is the most versatile and most used industrial laminate in the world. Although the performance is slightly worse than that of the epoxy board, the price is low and it is very popular.

Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group specializes in processing all kinds of bakelite sheet processing parts. The company has been engaged in bakelite board processing for several decades. Our company has fast processing speed and short delivery time. The company also processes epoxy board, phenolic paper board, electric laminated paper board and other insulation materials, our company accepts custom processing, the size can provide drawings to us, please call us if necessary.

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