Electrical Insulating Material – Application of Fiberglass Board in Generator

Application of glass fiber epoxy laminate in generator

Electrical insulating material – Fiberglass board is a very good electrical material and can be used in many places, such as engines. There are two main roles. The first is the high strength insulation material, the second is the part.

When making fiberglass panels, the most important thing is the choice of glass cloth and resin, which is directly related to the performance of fiberglass panels. The best fiber content is seventy-four percent.
Next, let’s talk about the application of fiberglass panels in engines.

Fiberglass epoxy laminate board has many excellent properties, including high temperature resistance, insulation, chemical corrosion resistance, friction resistance, high strength and light weight.

When the generator generates electricity, it will generate high temperature itself. The epoxy plate can work normally at 150 C, and it will not burn at high temperature. It has low water absorption and corrosion resistance, and is not afraid of acid, alkali, salt, alcohol, oil and other chemicals. It has low requirements for working environment and can work under harsh conditions.

We must know that the steam turbine is sailing in the sea all the year round, and the environment in the sea is not more changeable than the land. The requirements of the engine for the material are naturally higher. In addition, its high strength can withstand strong external impact, and light weight can reduce many unnecessary troubles. Of course, the most important thing is its insulation and isolation.

Fiberglass panels are used in many electronic machinery products besides generators. Of course, they are also applied in other fields. If need other electrical insulation material, also welcome to our company order, Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group also produces bakelite sheet, phenolic board, copper clad laminated plate and other products.

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