Electrical Insulating Material-Advantages of G10 epoxy plate machining parts

Advantages of G10 epoxy plate machining parts
The main raw material of electrical insulation material – epoxy plate is epoxy resin and glass fiber. Different grades of raw materials and different combinations of additives can produce different types of epoxy panels. The common epoxy panels are mainly 3240 epoxy sheet, FR-4, G10 insulation, G11 insulation material..

3240 slightly poor performance, FR-4 flame retardant use is also the most common, G11’s high temperature resistance is very good, G10 performance is good, no halogen elements will not pollute the environment, often processed into various parts use, G10 epoxy plate processing parts in the end what are the advantages?

First, let’s take a look at the meaning of the G10 material. G is the acronym for English glass fiber of glass fiber, and the 10 is glass fiber content of 10%. It is processed with imported fiberglass cloth and resin. The raw materials are environmentally friendly, and the quality grade is high, reaching the EU standard. There is no pollution.

Its water absorption rate is very low, almost zero, the flame retardant grade reaches UL94V-0, and the heat resistance is 180 degrees. Its strength and voltage resistance are also good, and it will not become brittle crack under the impact of continuous voltage. For G10 epoxy plates, various mechanical processes such as cutting, cutting, milling, drilling and so on can be carried out. They are made of insulating materials, switches and supporting parts in motors and electrical equipment.

G10 material sheet is more popular with the electronics industry. Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group produces various types of epoxy panels, which are of large quantity and can be customized privately. If you are in need of electrical insulation materials and transformers, you are welcome to consult online or send detailed requests to the mailbox. We will reply in time. Guess what you like: what’s the difference between 3240 epoxy board and G10 epoxy board?

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