Electrical Insulating Material – A Popular High Temperature Insulating Material

A popular high temperature insulating material

With the rise of the electronics industry, the use of electrical materials is also increasing. It is used in electronic products to prevent the passage of electric current and ensure the normal use of parts and components.
Let’s talk about the high temperature insulation material produced by Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group, so that we can know more about these products.

epoxy plate

Epoxy plate:
The raw material of epoxy board is glass fiber and epoxy resin. It has many models, and the specific performance and price are different. Generally speaking, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high mechanical performance, moisture resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It has a long service life and is used in advanced electronic products. The common specifications are 1040*1220, and can also be customized according to customers’ needs.

Bakelite sheet:
The raw materials for making electric boards are phenolic resin, cotton and paper. It was invented earlier than the epoxy plate, and the performance was slightly worse than the epoxy plate, but the price was cheaper, and it could be processed into an electronic shell, a distribution plate, a PCB drilled cover plate, and so on.

bakelite sheet

The three materials, such as epoxy board, bikelite sheet and copper clad plate, are welcome to our company. We have the most advanced production equipment and experienced staff, and we have never disappointed the customers. Products through a number of tests to meet international standards. In addition, we also have electrical insulating materials such as electrical pressboard, crepe paper and so on.

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