Electrical Insulating Crepe Paper Tube

Electrical Insulating Crepe Paper Tube


Flexible Crepe Paper
Electrical insulation crepe paper produced by 100% imported pure pulp,through special wrinkling process, characterized by excellent oil-soluble performance, widely applied for the insulation of lapped parts of oil-transformers, mutual inductors and reactors, and wrapping of down-lead parts. helps to improve the electrical and mechanical performance.

Flexible Crepe Paper Tubes

Crepe paper tubes is produced from electrical grade insulating kraft paper. It is a Class A material for insulation of interconnections of terminals.

ID sizes from 3mm to 40mm, Wall thickness from 1mm to 3mm.

Regular length 1000mm; and 2000mm available.

Electrical Insulating Crepe Paper Tube Features:

1. Insulation class A (105 °C) according to VDE 0530 part 1
2. Made of insulation crepe paper
3. Crepe direction transverse to tube length
4. End of outer layer bonded
5. Good compatibility with liquid dielectrics
6. According to IEC-60554

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