Electrical Insulator Materials-Electric Wood Board Processing In China

Electric Wood Board Processing In China

Electrical insulation material – electric wood board, its base material is phenolic resin, phenolic resin fused with other materials, roasting, hot pressing. Because the bakelite sheet has better mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties, it is also called glue board, and the bakelite board is the earliest invention of plastic. It is also the first plastic product to be put into industrial production.

electric insulating materials

The bakelite board has a strong resistance performance, the overall resistance value is between 10 and 10 10 square ohms. The color of the bakelite sheet is coffee, black, orange and orange, and many colors can be used for consumers. The superior performance of the electric wood board can be used in the high demand electric machine. In our early life, the bakelite board has been frequently used in our life. The materials such as phonograph, telephone shell and comb can be made of electrical plank. The electric board is also used in the PCB industry’s drilling pad, distribution box, fixture plate, mould splint, and high and low voltage distribution box.

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