Electric board materials and applications

As for the electric board, it must be known that it can also be called a glue board and a phenolic laminate board; Bakelite is one of the main products that our company operates. About its use, we will give you the following details.

Synthetic: Phenolic laminated paperboard made by bleaching wood pulp paper and hot-pressed with phenolic resin resin.

Bakelite: Bakelite is insulated, non-static, wear-resistant, and resistant to high temperatures. It becomes an insulation switch and variable resistor for electrical products, as well as a mold for mechanical use and a fixture on the production line. It can also be used in transformer oils. And other products used.

Bakelite is an artificial synthetic chemical substance. Once it is heated and molded, it will not be able to be molded into other things because it has non-absorbent, non-conductive, high-temperature, high-strength properties, and it is widely used in electrical products. So got its name.

Electronic production tool fixture production, performance testing……

   Characteristics of the Electric board

Good electrical performance at room temperature, good mechanical processing performance, specific gravity 1.45, warpage ≤ 3 ‰, with excellent electrical, mechanical and processing properties. Paper-based bakelite is the most common laminate, and it is also the most widely used industrial laminate in the world.

The main features: Good mechanical strength, anti-static, intermediate electrical insulation, is made of insulating impregnated paper soaked in phenolic resin, baked, hot pressed. The product is suitable for parts with high mechanical performance requirements of the motor, electrical equipment for insulation structures, and can be used in transformer oil. Good mechanical strength, suitable for PCB drilling pad, distribution box, fixture board, mold plywood, high and low voltage wiring box, packaging machine, comb and so on. Suitable for motors, mechanical molds, PCBs, ICT fixtures. Molding machine, drilling machine, table polishing pad.

Imported Bakelite Applications: Suitable for PCB drilling, silicone rubber molds. Fixtures, switchboards, electrical machinery parts.

About the introduction and use of Bakelite for everyone to this point, zhongtian group as a professional production and processing of wood board manufacturers, we occupy a vast market with high quality product quality, dedication and friends from all walks of life go hand in hand, and seek common development.

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