insulation bars

EFCC41 Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Rod

insulation bars

EFCC41 Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Rod Material:
White cotton, phenolic resin. It is made of cotton cloth impregnated phenolic resin by processing under heat and pressure. This sheet can be processed into all kinds of insulation parts of machinery and electrical equipment that require high electrical requirements.
EFCC41 Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Rod Funcation:
It has high mechanical properties and electrical properties.
EFCC41 Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Rod Usage:
Phenolic cotton sheet is widely used for transformers, electrical motors, electrical apparatus, etc. Electrical equipments insulation structural parts.and wear-resistant structural material in mechanical products. With higher mechanical and electrical propertie,it is used for insulating structural parts under wet conditions and transformer oil. Insulating machined parts are made of all kinds of electrical insulating materials under the process of die-cut and, punching, mechanical cutting and so on., according to specific drawings.

insulation bar

Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:China Elec
Model Number:3725
Material:White cotton cloth, phenolic resin
Application:High Voltage
Rated Voltage:40Kv
Tensile Strength:220Mpa
Color:Natural brown
Heat resistance:Class E
Sample:Freely supplied
Produc name:Phenolic cotton rod

EFCC41 Phenolic Cotton Cloth Laminated Rod Parameters:

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