Distinguish fiberglass cloth

How to correctly  all kinds of fiberglass cloth

The compositions of various types of epoxy board materials are all made of fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin. The main difference of performance characteristics is what type of epoxy board materials are used. There are mainly electronic grade glass fiber cloth, special electronic cloth, imported electronic grade alkali free glass fiber cloth and alkali free glass fiber cloth for imported electricians. How to correctly distinguish all kinds of fiberglass cloth? It is necessary to be familiar with these materials to distinguish between them.

fiberglass cloth

Fiberglass cloth can be divided into A, C, E and S grades. The beginning of the list of several glass fiber cloth are E grade glass fiber cloth, mainly electronic use, other like a high alkaline, C class is anti chemical, S class is high strength.

First, the electronic grade fiberglass cloth, the electronic grade fiber cloth has good insulation, mechanical properties and high temperature resistance; electronic grade fiberglass cloth is mainly used in copper clad laminate. The coupling agent used in electronic fiber cloth is ethoxysiloxane coupling agent with strong antistatic property of epoxy.

Class a high alkaline glass fiber cloth, this I did not collect relevant information, but found non alkali glass fiber used mainly for circuit boards, automotive accessories (such as bumpers), pipes, civil grenassan, gas cylinders, sporting goods, entertainment facilities and so on;

Compared with grade E, the melting point of grade C fiberglass board is lower. The melting point of grade E fiberglass board is about 1350 degrees and the resistance of grade C fiberglass board is about 1200 degrees.
The unidirectional S high-strength glass fiber fabric is made of high strength glass fiber with S. The tensile strength is more than or equal to 2200Mpa. It has the characteristics of anti aging, cold resistance, damp resistance, good transmittance and non deformation. It is especially suitable for the repair works of houses, bridges and reservoirs.

The general information of all levels of fiberglass cloth is almost like this, I wonder how much readers have learned? Friends who need FR-4 epoxy board can contact us via email on the website. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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