Distinguish between true and false fiberglass sheet

Teach you how to correctly distinguish between true and false fiberglass

Today’s import and export trade is a common phenomenon today, which has greatly accelerated the economic development. Take the fiberglass board, because it has a good appearance of flatness, insulation, high temperature and so on. The demand for it is increasing. However, many manufacturers shoddy and fool consumers. How do you have a pair of eye-catching eyes in a dazzling market? Identify the true and false of true and false fiberglass panels? Then look down.

true and false fiberglass sheet

First of all, I want to buy high-quality fiberglass board, which is naturally familiar with its performance characteristics.

It is made of glass fiber material and high heat resistance composite material, and has good mechanical strength, dielectric, heat resistance and moisture resistance. Today in molding machines, drilling machines, injection molding machines, motors, PCBs. ICT fixtures, the countertop polishing pad industry has its place.

Let’s talk about how to identify true and false fiberglass boards.

(1) Look. See if it looks smooth, whether the color is pure, and whether there is unevenness.
(2) Touch. Whether the hand feels warm and smooth.
(3) Smell. There is no special taste in the plate, generally authentic, high-purity plate, tasteless.
(4) Burning. See if there is a pungent odor generated.

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(1) Raw materials are imported and absolutely trustworthy.
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The above is a coup for identifying genuine and fake fiberglass panels. If you have this need? Can get direct contact with our customer service. Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group welcomes your calls at any time.

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