Differences between G11 and G10

A brief discussion on the similarities and differences between G11 and G10

The performance of G11 and G10 is relatively high in the epoxy plate. The performance of G11 epoxy insulation board is the same as G10, mainly including the UL94-VO grade of flame retardant grade, good mechanical performance at high temperature, good machining performance and insulation performance, which are all used in higher end aviation and aerospace industry. Many people generally think that there is almost no difference between the two of them. Make a professional distinction.

g10 materialThe dumbest way is to know the difference, one is G11, one is G10, the name is different, joke. In fact, the G11 epoxy plate is different from the high temperature resistance and arc resistance. It is mainly used in electrical and electrical equipment as insulation components, can be used in wet environment and transformer oil, high voltage switchgear, high voltage switch and so on.

FR-4 epoxy plate can be processed by adding flame retardant on the basis of G10 epoxy plate, and the flame retardancy of G11 epoxy plate is improved by FR-5 epoxy insulation board. With the comprehensive consideration, its performance is becoming more and more perfect with the supply of grade, but in different application environment, each material has its special use.

What are the advantages of G11 epoxy plate?

(1) Water absorption is low; water absorption is almost 0; after 24 hours of immersion, water absorption is only 0.09%.
(2) high temperature resistance; heat-resistant grade reached 160-180.

About G11 and G10 epoxy board similarities and differences I will analyze this, I hope you do not change the concept of the future. For more information about them, visit our website

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