Influence of Dielectric Properties of Insulating Materials

What are the factors that affect the dielectric properties of insulating materials?

Insulating material is an important part of electrical and electrical engineering. Its performance will directly affect the normal operation of electrical equipment. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the types of insulating materials emerge in endlessly, and their applications are becoming more and more widely. Generally speaking, the electrical properties of insulation materials can be judged by four basic parameters, insulation resistance, dielectric coefficient, dielectric loss factors and insulation strength.

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Now let’s take a look at the factors that affect the dielectric properties of insulating materials.

For different electrics, the resistance values usually measured by adding the voltage for one minute are the insulation resistance of the insulating material. If it is for the large transformer, the insulation resistance is measured at least 10 minutes. Moreover, it is easy to receive the influence of temperature, humidity, impurity and electric field intensity.

Another factor is dielectric loss. It can be divided into free loss, dipole loss, conductance loss and uneven dielectric loss. In general, the energy consumed in the unit time is calculated as the dielectric loss power. Recommended reading: what are the common insulating materials

One other factor is insulation aging. Because in the long-term work of electrical equipment is easy to receive various factors, such as heat, electricity, light, oxygen, radiation and microorganisms. All these environmental factors are inevitable for all insulating materials.

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