ddp diamond dotted paper

Diamond Dotted Paper DDP for transformer and motor


This insulation material is called Diamond Dotted Paper. The abbreviation is DDP.

DDP Description:
The insulating material is coated and baked on an electrically insulating paper to change the rhombic shape of the epoxy resin and is widely used in oil-immersed transformers, reactors, and interlayer insulation. During use, the coating during the drying of the web begins to melt at a specific temperature and causes adhesion. As the temperature rises again, solidification occurs and adjacent layers of the windings are reliably bonded into the stationary unit. The bonding strength of the epoxy resin is sufficient to prevent the displacement of the winding layer in the event of a short circuit, thus ensuring the long-term mechanical and electrical properties of the insulation structure.

DDP Specifications:
Thickness: 80um, 130um, 180um, 200um, 250um
Width: 625 mm / 980 mm (can be cut into rolls)
Rool Diameter: 250 ~ 300mm Rool Weight: About 45 ~ 60Kg

Standard Applied: JB / T1004.3-2004:

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