Detailed application of FR-4 epoxy tube

Detailed application of FR-4 epoxy tube

Everything has its own specific field of application. For food, it is the guarantee of the energy people rely on for survival. In addition to heat preservation and cold, clothes can also highlight a person’s personality and taste. What about the FR-4 epoxy tube? Many of the non – industry people may not be very clear. Though it is not as obvious as food and clothing, it benefits people directly. But it also plays an important role in people’s life. In what field is it specifically used for? Come on and see.

electrical epoxy tube

Electrical field
This is one of its most widely used fields. Taking transformer, it plays a role in the whole safety of human power consumption. Because of its partial pressure, it is possible to make safe use of household appliances and industrial electricity. FR-4 epoxy tube is the mainstream product of transformer insulation. The transformer can be used safely and normally. In addition, there are also high voltage cable protection tubes, insulation ladder, cable splice, track protective plate and transformer air pipe positioning rod, etc.

Construction field
The field of building structure is represented by doors and windows structural sections, movable room structures, light bridges, tent supports and large boron structures. It has a great relationship with its stability, toughness and strength.

Entertainment field
Fishing poles, pole vaulting poles, hockey sticks, snowboards, bows and arrows. Its appearance is smooth, uneven and flexible.

Energy field
It is used for solar collector bracket, wind turbine blade, oil well conduit and so on. The FR-4 epoxy board is characterized by high temperature resistance, insulation, toughness, flame retardancy and environmental protection.

The above is the specific application area of FR-4 epoxy tube, of course, it is not very comprehensive. If there are any errors, or if you have anything to add, you can send me an email. I will summarize and upload the information again. To achieve the purpose of sharing resources.

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