In the process of using electricity, people have noticed that the size of the cross-sectional area of ​​the power line material has an impact on the safe use of electricity, but they often do not pay enough attention to the use of insulating tape on the joints. Nowadays, the power line alignment is becoming more and more complicated, and it is common under the wooden floor, in the wall, in the partitions, and in the wet ground or in the water. If the insulating tape is used improperly, it will cause electrical leakage, endangering personal safety or causing fire. So, how to use insulating tape correctly?

The power line connector is divided into “10” connection method, “1” connection method, “D” connection method and so on. Joints should be tight, smooth and thornless. Before disconnecting the wire, it should be lightly pressed with wire pliers, then wound to the mouth, and then swinging left and right, the thread will quickly and snugly break at the joint. If the joint is in a dry place, it should be wrapped in two layers of insulating black cloth, then wrapped in two layers of plastic tape (also called pvc adhesive tape), and then stretch the second and third layers with J-10 insulation self-adhesive tape about 200%. Finally wrapped two plastic tapes.

Because of the shortcomings of the direct use of plastic tapes: plastic tapes are prone to gum misalignment, open glue, electrical load, joints heat, plastic tape easy to melt and shrink; electrical connectors in the junction box pressure each other, the joints have burrs, it is It is easy to poke plastic tapes, etc. These hidden dangers directly endanger personal safety, causing moderate lines and causing fires. The use of insulating black tape will not appear the above situation, it has a certain strength, flexibility, can be tightly wrapped in the joints for a long time, by time and temperature and dry fixed type, will not fall off, and flame-retardant. Furthermore, wrapping the tape with an insulating black tape can prevent moisture and rust.

Of course, the insulating self-adhesive tape is also defective. Although it has good waterproof performance, it is easy to break. Therefore, it is necessary to wrap the two layers of plastic tape as a protective layer, and the self-adhesive tapes of the joints and joints are not sticky to each other, and the performance is better.

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