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Discussion on the material composition of epoxy glass fiber plate

The epoxy board (including the FR-4 epoxy plate and the 3240 epoxy plate) is familiar to everyone. The glass fiber board also has a general understanding of the epoxy glass fiberboard that is combined together. Do you know that? Epoxy glass fiber board is a kind of composite board which uses glass fiber and its products as reinforcement material and epoxy resin as matrix material. The topic we’re going to talk about today is what epoxy fiberglass board is? What are the performance features and uses?

 epoxy glass fiber plate

Since it is the combination of the two materials, it should be to take its length and fill it short. It can overcome the disadvantages of the practical application of the epoxy plate, and can effectively avoid the defects of the glass fiber board. Compared with ordinary glass fiber, epoxy glass fiber has high tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity, good impact resistance, good chemical stability, good fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance and so on. It is widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, construction, chemical industry and agriculture. What role does epoxy resin play in epoxy glass fiber board?

The epoxy resin has a very high bonding property, the corrosion resistance and the technological properties are relatively excellent. The toughness of the fixed epoxy resin is about 7 times greater than the toughness of the fixed phenolic resin. It shows the superiority of its thermal property, and the curing shrinkage of the epoxy resin is also very low, and the shrinkage of the epoxy resin adhesive in the adhesive is reduced. This is also one of the reasons why epoxy resin adhesive solidifies well. It should be added that the stability of the chemical medium is good, and the ether group, benzene ring and fatty hydroxyl group in the curing system are not easily eroded by acid and base. It can be used for two years in seawater, oil, kerosene, 10%H2SO4, 10%HCl, 10%HAc, 10%NH3, 10%H3PO4? And 30%Na2CO3, while soaking for half a month and 10%NaOH (100 C) for one month in 50%H2SO4 and 10%HNO3? At normal temperature, the performance remains unchanged.

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The advantages of epoxy resin in the epoxy glass fiber board can also be very obvious reaction, then what is the role of glass fiber? Glass fiber does not contain harmful asbestos components to the human body, so it is said that the epoxy glass fiber board produces less harmful substances in the process of production. Secondly, glass fiber has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, good processability, and this also guarantees the epoxy glass fiber plate. Easily machinability.

If you are interested in the epoxy fiberglass board, we can discuss more in detail with our customer service, and we can also browse articles such as epoxy board and glass fiber board, which can help to understand the performance and use of epoxy fiberglass board.

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