Comparison of different kinds of epoxy plate phase

Comparison of different kinds of epoxy plate phase

There are many kinds of epoxy plate, which can be divided into water green, water blue, black, yellow, white. According to the chemical composition, it can be divided into halogen epoxy plate and halogen free epoxy plate. According to whether the flame retardant can be divided into flame retardant epoxy plate and non flame retardant epoxy plate, it can be divided into G11, G10, 3240, FR-4 and so on. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high toughness, high strength and high machinability, but there are still some slight differences.

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This article gives you a comparison of different kinds of epoxy boards from the aspect of performance

G11 epoxy plate: G11 epoxy plate is a hard insulating material, its heat resistance is very good, glass transition temperature is 175 degrees Celsius, the size can be tailored according to user needs, water resistance, can be used in wet environment. It is mainly used to make high voltage switches.

G10 epoxy plate: its color is water green, the alkali glass fiber cloth soaked in epoxy resin, because no alkali glass fiber cloth contains halogen elements, so it will not cause pollution to the environment. Its glass transition temperature is 130 degree electric breakdown voltage is greater than 60kV, more used to make switchgear, transformer, explosion-proof electrical appliances.

3240 epoxy board: 3240 epoxy board is cheap, generally used in low-grade, mid-range electrical products, more domestic use.

FR-4 epoxy plate: the color of FR-4 epoxy plate has natural color and black. It is hot pressed with special electronic parts and epoxy phenolic resin. The commonly used specifications are 2000mm x 1000mm and 1020mm x 2020mm. It can be used at the temperature below 150 centigrade. It is mainly used to make insulation pad, transformer insulation board, grinding gear and so on.

Looking at the above, I believe you know something about different kinds of epoxy boards. Their different properties are used in different places. Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group specializes in the production of epoxy panels. You can find the type you need. If you need this material, you are welcome to come and buy it.

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