Common problems in epoxy laminates

Common problems in epoxy laminates

Epoxy tube is called epoxy tube for short. It is mainly used for high voltage operating rod, arc extinguishing tube, safety fence pipe, and high voltage power safety tools with epoxy pipe as auxiliary material. In our years of production experience, it also meets common problems of epoxy tube, such as overrun, corrugated, pilling, foaming and table. Smooth and so on, we will introduce in detail below.

sheets epoxy resins

(1) the diameter of the tube is super. It is mainly that the resin content of the preimpregnated material is higher or higher than the standard, the soluble resin content is low, and the melting degree is poor when it is rolled, and it is shown on the surface of the reinforcing material.

(2) rise up. The resin content and the soluble resin content of the pre impregnated material are larger or more than the index value. The molding time of the epoxy adhesive is too long, and the glue is formed when the volume is made up, forming the corrugated, bubbling and even cracking.

(3) the starting layer. The main reasons are as follows: the material of the aging section in the preimpregnated material is not removed, and the pre impregnated material with the resin content and the low soluble resin value is involved in the billet of the epoxy tube, or the arc section of the pre impregnated material is wrapped on the hot roll, and the volatiles are difficult to be excluded from the air pumping system above the winding machine or the insufficient air volume. .

(4) the surface of the tube is fuzzed and unsmooth. The inner and outer surfaces of the oxygen pipe should be repaired before the impregnation, and the impregnated paint should be filtered and removed in time. The residual lacquer and lacquer clot should be removed regularly for the impregnated frame.

In addition, there are quality problems such as unqualified voltage, relatively small density, large water absorption, inner wall layering, bubbling or baking after baking. Therefore, a strong technology, a certain strength of the manufacturers will not be the above problems, Zhongtian electric equipment group after decades of development, with quality as the guarantee, focus on the manufacture and processing of epoxy products, in the same industry has a great reputation!

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