What are the colors of common halogen – free epoxy plates?

What are the colors of common halogen – free epoxy plates?

Halogen-free is the demand of many high-end electronic and electrical products. With the continuous destruction of our country’s environment, people’s understanding of environmental protection is more and more profound. So in the insulation industry, halogen free epoxy panels have become one of the main materials that people choose to buy. Because a lot of people don’t know much about it, and a lot of people don’t know what colors it has, I’ll share this topic with you today.

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First of all, let’s take a look at the types of halogen free epoxy panels.

Nowadays, there are many types of epoxy plates, but generally it is divided into 3240, FR-4, G10, and G11 four. In addition to the 3240 epoxy plate, the other models are halogen free. And the performance of each model is even higher. With the continuous deepening of scientific research, G11 epoxy plate has a great breakthrough in heat resistance. Its high temperature resistance is up to 160 degrees and thermal stress is up to 288 degrees.

Next, look at the color of halogen free epoxy panels.

In fact, the color of the epoxy board can be processed according to the specific needs of customers, but the common colors are yellow, aqua-green, Milky white, black. After adding a magnet to the milky white epoxy plate, it is used to automatically wake up the support board of the handset. Because of the complexity of the processing, its price is more expensive than the yellow and water green.

Whether the different colors of the epoxy board, have their own advantages, if you do not know which color of the board is more suitable for your product needs? Our business people will recommend the most suitable one for your needs. We produce all kinds of electrical insulation materials, such as insulation rod, insulation board, insulating paper, insulating tube and insulation tape. If there is a need for this, please contact us.

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