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Classification of insulation materials according to form

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1.Liquid insulating material

The liquid insulation material is used to insulate liquids of different potential electrical conductors, also called insulating oil. It mainly replaces gas and fills voids inside or between solid materials to improve its dielectric properties and improve the heat dissipation capabilities of the device. For example, in the oil-impregnated paper-insulated power cable, it not only improves the insulation performance significantly, but also enhances the heat dissipation effect: it improves the dielectric properties in the capacitor, increases the energy storage per unit volume, and removes the insulation in the switch. In addition, arc extinction is more important. Commonly used liquid insulation materials mainly include mineral insulation oil, synthetic insulation oil (silicone oil, dodecylbenzene, polyisobutylene, diarylethane, etc.).

2. Gas Insulation Material

Gas insulating materials are used to insulate gas from different potential conductors. Commonly used gas insulation materials include air, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and sulfur hexafluoride. Among them, air is the most widely used gas insulation material. For example, the overhead conductors and the overhead conductors of AC and DC transmission lines are insulated by air.

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3. Solid insulating material

Solid insulating materials are used to insulate solids of different potential conductors. It is also generally required that the solid insulating material has both supporting functions. Solid insulation materials can be divided into organic insulation materials and inorganic insulation materials.

(1) Inorganic insulating material. Inorganic insulating materials mainly include mica, powder mica, mica products, glass, glass fiber and its products, electric porcelain and aluminum oxide film, etc., and are mainly used as insulation for windings of motors and electrical appliances, bottom plates and insulators of switches, and the like.

(2) Organic insulating materials. Organic insulating materials include insulating paint, insulating paper, insulating glue, insulating fiber products, plastics, rubber, lacquer paint tubes, insulation impregnated fiber products, electrical films and adhesive tapes.

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