Characteristics of black fiberboard

Analysis of components and characteristics of black fiberboard

Black fiberboard is mainly halogen-free glass fiberboard to add the corresponding pigment, performance and ordinary glass fiberboard is not much different. The combustible grade of the black fiberboard is FR-4, so we also call the FR-4 fiberboard, but the FR-4 fiberboard has other colors, and the FR-4 fiberboard is not a black fiberboard. Black fiberboard is made of special electronic cloth immersed in epoxy phenolic resin and other materials by hot pressing at high temperature and high pressure. Composition characteristics of black fiberboard analysis is mainly resin related information.

black glassfiber

The resin used in the composition of black fiberboard belongs to thermosetting resin, thermosetting resin is a kind of synthetic resin, synthetic resin is a kind of resin, and one is natural resin in the classification of resin. This paper mainly discusses the composition of black fiberboard, namely thermosetting resin. Thermosetting synthetic resins are produced by chemical condensation reaction. Most of the polymers are space structures and have thermosetting properties. The most commonly used thermosetting resins are as follows:

Epoxy resin: the epoxy resin based products have good electrical insulation, heat resistance, climate change, high stability, and low moisture permeability. It is mainly used in the electronic industry for weaving, pouring, sealing, coating and laminating. Main products such as G11 epoxy board can be used in high voltage switchgear, G10 is mainly circuit breaker, transformer FR-4 epoxy board can also be used in some reinforcement board and carbon film board.

Phenolic resin. The electric wood board and the phenolic aldehyde plate are the main representative of the phenolic resin. In the electronics industry, the phenolic resin is used to make the resistors of synthetic resistors and synthetic potentiometers, phenolic plastics, phenolic laminates, and various switches, sockets and plugs in electricians. Phenolic resin is mainly used in some low frequency occasions because of its high frequency loss; we can see it in some molds.

There is also a silicone resin, because our factory does not have silicone resin products, here will not be described in detail. If there is any demand for black fiberglass board, please contact us directly through the way of online display.

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