Black bakelite sheet

Black bakelite sheet

The bakelite is not made of wood. It is made of phenolic resin. The bakelite has good mechanical properties and is anti-static, high-temperature and insulating. The insulation properties of bakelite are used in electrical and electronic equipment. The electric board is widely used in industrial engineering. Although the performance is worse than that of the epoxy board, the price is favorable and it is very popular among consumers.

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There are many kinds of bakelite sheet colors, black, orange, orange, orange, brown. The electrical properties of bakelite sheet are very strong and insoluble. Its weight is very light, its specific gravity is only 1.25, it has excellent electrical insulation, and it begins to decompose when the temperature reaches 300 °C. Its disadvantage is that the texture is brittle and easy to break. Electric boards have been widely used long ago, and pipes, phonographs, telephone casings, and combs can be made of bakelite sheet.

ZTELEC specializes in processing bakelite sheets. The company also processes other insulating materials, epoxy board, phenolic cotton board, crepe paper, etc. It can also process bakelite sheet processing parts. If necessary, we can provide drawings to contact us.

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